Editions and Features

iKeyGuard BigBoss
iKeyGuard Standard
iKeyGuard Pro
Hiding Cydia Icon  
Hiding IKG From Cydia  
Automatic Updates  
Character Logging
Sending Logs via E-Mail
FTP Uploads
SMS/iMessage Logging    
Phone Call Activity    
WhatsApp Logging    
Websites Visited Logging    
Opened Apps Logging    
Passive GPS tracking    

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Due to iOS7 differences and complications, we no longer maintain future versions of IKG and it is no longer possible to make new purchases. Thanks for your understanding.

You can look at a similar product (not made by us) iKeyMonitor.

Did you know...

that you can hide iKeyGuard from Cydia easily, even without using the custom install script? Simply download the Standard or Pro version from our own repository and you will get this feature.