Is it legal?

As with many other things, this depends on your local law and on the exact usage of the application. In many countries it is illegal to log the actions of other people without their consent. It might not be illegal in your country, but you should make sure you do not break the law. However, tracking people with their consent is usually not illegal and can be useful for companies for example.

Is any data sent from the device to the internet?

No, no data is sent from the application to the internet by default. When buying the licence, the e-mail address you enter is sent to PayPal and from there to our servers for the purpose of licence code generation. Logs are never sent to our servers! However, you may choose (after entering the licence key) to send the logs to the e-mail you specified when buying the licence. The frequency can be chosen as hourly, daily or monthly. This is completely optional and is disabled by default.

Does it alter the functionality / usability of the device?

No, it does not. Like any other application, it uses CPU and memory resources. However, we tried hard to make it very lightweight and you will not notice any performance hit. The application itself is completely transparent.

Price too high! Why?

Well, it's the price of 10 cheap hamburgers, much much less than we consumed during the development. And once you buy it, you can use it on as many device as you want. Also, future updates are free for all buyers.

Can it be discovered?

Like any other software, it can. However, it may prove very difficult if the person does not know exactly what to look for. As an alternative to simple (but most obvious) installation via Cydia, we provide a custom install script which you can use. For increased security, you may change the port and set a password in Settings. However, there is still a small chance that the software will be discovered.

Where to get the latest version or how to manually install it?

You can always get the latest stable version via Cydia. Alternatively you can download .deb package or custom install script from our website here. Pre-release and Pro versions are available on our website only. Also, it can happen that a final version is available on our website but not yet in Cydia. This is due to the fact that it takes a couple of days for the package to get there.

Does the device need to be jailbroken? Is jailbreaking dangerous?

Yes, the device needs to be jailbroken. This is because the application needs elevated privileges and functions not available in the iOS SDK. Jailbreaking itself is not dangerous, because you can always restore to a stock Apple iOS firmware and restore the device from backup, even if all goes wrong. However, jailbreaks are not available for all devices and all iOS versions at all times.
You can find compatibility table and guides on this page.

How to jailbreak?

You can find handy compatibility table and guides here.

E-mails are not being sent to my e-mail address despite having bought and entering the licence key in Settings.

There may be several reasons for this. First, make sure you entered your registered e-mail (or license key in version 1.1) in Settings correctly and that you selected the frequency of sending e-mails. Next, make sure your device is connected to the internet. You should also check your spam folder. Versions 1.2 and up also allow you to configure an SMTP server. FTP upload is available from version 2.2.1 up.

SMTP - What is it and how to use it?

By default, when you do not enter any SMTP options, the logs are sent to your e-mail directly from the device. However, some e-mail providers do not like this and block your IP address from delivering mail. What this means for you: if you do not configure an SMTP server, you might not get any logs to your e-mail, even if you specify the sending frequency.

To resolve the issue, you need to configure an SMTP server. The app will log in to that server and send the mail through it. An SMTP server is seen as a reliable source (not a source of spam) and it accepts that e-mail.

Either you know how to set up your smtp server (you can try looking it up on the web of your e-mail provider) or you at least know which e-mail provider you are using. In the first case, we do not need to say anything to you but if you do not know how to set it up, read on.

One service we do know may not work is Hotmail. If you find out that the smtp server of your e-mail provider is not working, you can create an account with one of the known working e-mail providers and enter the smtp settings for that provider. For example, if you have a license for a Hotmail account, you can still create a gmail account and enter those gmail smtp settings into the app. The mail will still be delivered to your Hotmail account you specified when buying the license, even though you will be using the gmail smtp server.

How to set up SMTP for:


smtp server:
smtp port: 465
smtp user: your gmail address, for example
smtp password: your gmail password


smtp server:
smtp port: 465
smtp user: your yahoo address, for example
smtp password: your yahoo password

Do you want us to test and add another free e-mail service with smtp to this faq? Please contact our support.

How does the app connect to the smtp server?

If you need technical information, the app connects via SSL if the smtp port is 465 and uses TLS otherwise (if available). If you specify user and password (optional), it will log in to the server using the LOGIN protocol.

Help! I entered incorrect SMTP settings! I fixed them but I do not want to wait for another hour/day/month until the e-mail is sent!

Respring or reboot your device, the app will try to send the e-mail again a short while afterwards. There must be some logs stored before trying to send an e-mail.

How can I uninstall it?

You can use Cydia to remove the package. It should be named "iKeyGuard Key Logger". If you installed it using our custom install script, please use custom uninstall method. More info can be found here.

Can I connect to the device remotely, for example from a PC?

This is possible if the device is on the same wifi network and you know its IP address. Then you can connect to it remotely from your computer by entering http://IP_ADDR:4444 into your browser (where IP_ADDR is the device's IP address). Versions 2.2.0 and up send you the device's current IP addresses with logs.

What is passive GPS tracking?

Passive GPS tracking gets the GPS coordinates when an application requests them. This is very reliable and does not use any extra battery life. The downside is that you will not get regular updates for example every hour but it depends on how frequently the user uses location services on the device. Any app that is allowed to use the location services will work, for example Facebook, camera, etc..

I have a problem not mentioned here.

Check the "IKG" log and contact our support. We will try to reply asap, but you can generally expect an answer within 24 hours.

Did you know...

that iKeyGuard has full autocorrection and unicode support?